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Design Matteo Nunziati


total thickness: 13 mm
top layer: 1 mm
wooden multilayer support counter balanced in oak: 12 mm
width: 480 - 960 - 960 mm
lengths: 480 - 160 - 320 mm


Special UV oils finishing, this enhances the natural beauty of the wood and intensity of the colour. It is applied after a brushing treatment of the surface. It ensures an easy maintenance and high-resistance to penetration of liquids and domestic chemicals.



Kind of installation: Suitable for both glued-down and floating installation. The wooden tongues are to be glued to all four sides of each module in case of floating fitting. The glued-down installation is recommended with underfloor heating.

Kind of finishes: UV-oil with high resistance

TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION: The section of the product shows a core of 11 mm multilayer, 10/10 mm top layer in Oak veneer and the bottom layer in 10/10 mm counterbalanced veneer in a different wood species.

NOTE: Modular floor covering ((Ref. UNI EN 14354) made of three geometrical shapes: One Square and two rectangle. The standard order incorporates: nr 2 modules mm 480x480, nr 6 modules 160x960 mm and nr 4 modules 320x960mm.


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