Natural Genius

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MEDOC_design Michele de Lucchi with Philippe Nigro

The unique wood flooring collection which celebrates the association of the naturalness of the wood matter with the contemporary design genius.


total thickness: 18 mm
top layer: 3.5 mm
wooden multilayer support counter balanced in oak: 14.5 mm
width: 130-190 mm
random lengths: 944 mm


Natural oils-based finish air-dried, applied to a brushed surface. It is characterized by high protection and easy maintenance, thanks to a special treatment as last coating application.



Kind of installation: Glued-down

Kind of finishes: Natural Oil with colour pigments

Surface treatment: Uneven saw cutting with large filling and numerous knots

TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION: Particular geometry of the boards; heating treatment which darkens the natural colour of the Oak

NOTE: Chamfered edge about 1,8 mm depth x 45°
The characteristics of this product are the handcrafted treatment of the wood surface and the application of natural vegetable oil with colour pigments. Each individual board is different from the other and this irregularity makes it a unique piece. Due to the nature of the product, the surface may present signs of the passing of time and non homogenous effects caused by the wear and tear of the surface. A more specific cleaning and maintenance is required compared to industrially varnished wood floors.


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