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Design di Michele de Lucchi with Philippe Nigro


total thickness solid wood: 18.5 mm
width: 1000 mm
lengths: 1000 mm


To be finished on site



Kind of installation: Suitable for both glue-down and floating installation. The wooden tongues are to be glued to all four sides of each module in case of floating fitting.
The glue-down installation is recommended with underfloor heating.

Kind of finishes: This wood flooring is supplied unfinished to be treated on site with specific protection coating.

TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION: This product is made using entirely reclaimed solid Teak sourced from the restoration of ancient buildings in India.

NOTE: Wooden floor made of large 1000x1000 mm square modules, reinterpreting historical European tradition of decorative wooden panels in a contemporary style. In order to facilitate the logistic and fitting operations, each module is supplied in 6 specific elements: 2 side stripes 250x1000 mm + 4 middle stripes (250*500mm), each one of them incorporating 7 smaller elements. The two different types of panels, as described above, are groove profiled on four sides, loose wooden tongue-joints are supplied with the flooring. Each element is enhanced by a slight chamfered edge.

Wood Species

Teak Antique
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